A Safer Working Environment

At Tees Valley Security & Surveillance, we use the very latest cutting edge technology to protect your premises from unauthorised entry than can lead to theft, fraud and criminal damage. Our access control systems not only deter crime but also provide a safer working environment for you and your employees.

We use two types of technology to control access to your premises:

  • Physical - including traditional security measures such as electronic keypads, smart cards, proximity tags and CCTV.
  • Biometric - which uses cutting edge fingerprint and iris recognition technology that is almost impossible to bypass.

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Flexible installation

All our access systems can be installed in any type of building or premises, including offices, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities.

  • Swipe cards, where authorised personnel simply swipe their card through a reader to gain access to restricted areas.
  • Video/audio entry, providing easy confirmation of staff and visitors.
  • Proximity readers, whereby authorised staff pass a card or fob near the proximity reader to gain instant access.
  • Automatic barriers and turnstiles to physically control the flow of people into a building.

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Advantages of Access Control

The advantages of having effective access control by far outweight the cost of installation.

  • Allows secure access to parts of a building without the need for keys.
  • Keeps an accurate record of time and attendance for staff and visitors.
  • Reduces or eliminates internal theft, fraud and other staff-related crime.
  • Can tell immediately if anyone is missing in the event of a fire or other emergency.
  • Increases security for your premises.

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