The cost of theft to farmers

It is estimated that theft of farm vehicles, agricultural equipment and livestock costs UK farmers nearly £50m each year. Add to this the theft of diesel, scrap metal and power tools, and it is easy to see why more and more farmers are installing farm security to protect themselves against the rising tide of rural theft. According to the police and/or the NFU:

  • Over 2000 farm vehicles, including tractors, 4x4s, forklifts and quad bikes, are stolen from UK farms every year.
  • Some 60,000 sheep and lambs are annually stolen in the UK for the illegal meat trade.
  • Heavy metals, such as farm gates, cattle grids and agricultural equipment are increasing being targeted by scrap metal thieves.
  • Theft of oil and diesel from storage tanks and unattended farm vehicles is at an all time high in the wake of rising fuel prices.

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The knock-on effect of theft

For farms that have suffered a theft, the misery may not end with only the loss of goods:

  • The theft of metal gates and cattle grids can result in livestock being killed or injured wandering out onto roads.
  • Thieves often damage fences and enclosures, leaving livestock vulnerable to foxes and other natural predators.
  • Thieves moving from farm to farm can inadvertantly spread serious contagious diseases such as Foot and Mouth.
  • The loss of expensive farm equipment like tractors can jeapardise a farm's future.

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